Program Overview

The Magnolia Scholars program supports students who are the first in their families to attend college.  All of these first generation students have strong academic preparation and tremendous motivation to succeed.  The goal of the program is to insure the academic success and personal fulfillment of each student to graduation.  The Director’s goal is that each Scholar will have access to international studies programs and graduate/professional school enrollment on par with the average Wake Forest student.  Magnolia Scholars have access to all cultural programming and research opportunities that are presented to merit scholarship recipients.

Students on the Magnolia Quad
In-between classes on the Magnolia Quad.

The inaugural Class of 2013 Magnolia Scholars typifies the eclectic nature of the program, which draws students from all walks of life who can be enriched by and themselves can enrich the Wake Forest campus.  A majority come from Southern states yet they represent a richly diverse population.  The first Scholars include White, African-American, Vietnamese, Native American and Hispanic students, Afghani refugees, a Ghanaian national, and a Serbian; religious backgrounds including Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Eastern Orthodoxy, Muslim and Mormon.  First generation students come for all backgrounds.

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Magnolia Scholar, Zachary Triplett (’18)
Magnolia Scholar, Natalie Casimir (’18)