Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Magnolia Scholars Program?

The Magnolia Scholars Program demonstrates the Wake Forest commitment to first generation students.  Through both financial and academic support, the program recruits and supports talented first generation students throughout their time at the university.

2. Why did Wake Forest University start the Magnolia Scholars Program?

Wake Forest considers first generation students one of the strongest components of our heritage. We want to make sure that teachers, guidance counselors, alumni, applicants and families understand our commitment.

3.  Is the Magnolia Scholars Program a “full ride” scholarship?

No.  The Magnolia Scholars Program provides all needed financial assistance for a student to attend Wake Forest University, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. First-time students from families with annual income of less than $40,000, whose assets are not unusually high, have their loans and work-study capped at $6,000 per year (typically $4,000 in loan and $2,000 in work-study, but dependent on the availability of work-study).

4.  What are the eligibility criteria?

Eligibility for the Magnolia Scholars Program requires first generation status as identified on the undergraduate admissions application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  At Wake Forest, first generation students are defined as dependent or independent students whose custodial parents/guardians did not graduate from a four year college or university. Financial situation is one of many factors considered in the selection process.

A student may be invited to the Magnolia Scholars Program as an admitted first year student.

5.  How will a student know he/she is a Magnolia Scholar?

Students who qualify for the Magnolia Scholars program will be invited into the program by the Director of Magnolia Scholars.

6.  What are the requirements for renewal?

  • Meet current income/financial need requirements
  • Be enrolled and make satisfactory academic progress at Wake Forest
  • Be in compliance with all university regulations and policies including the Honor Code
  • Participate in required Magnolia Scholars programming
  • Meet the priority deadline for financial aid.

7. Can a Magnolia Scholar be considered for a merit-based scholarship or other performance-based award at Wake Forest?

Designation as a Magnolia Scholar and participation in the program does not limit a student’s ability to accept other scholarships.

8.  Can Magnolia Scholars use their financial aid to attend a Wake Forest Study Abroad program?

Absolutely!  The cost of most study abroad programs is roughly the same as a semester on campus, and we encourage Magnolia Scholars to study abroad.  If a student selects a more expensive study abroad program, he or she can apply for scholarship funding or assume a modest loan to cover the additional cost.

9.  Will the identity of Magnolia Scholars be made public?

Scholarship students at Wake Forest are not identified to faculty or other students unless they chose to do so themselves.

10.  What happens to students who are first generation but are not invited to participate in the Magnolia Scholars Program?

Participation in the Magnolia Scholars Program is limited to 30 students per class.  Students not invited to the program will have similar access to the Director of the Magnolia Scholars Program for advice and counsel. All first generation students are enrolled into the First in the Forest program.